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Vikings: Bataviawerf, Oseberg Vikingship Videos

All videos made by Tamara Bakx

VIKINGS: Vikings: Bataviawerf, Oseberg Vikingship

VIKINGS: Vikings: Bataviawerf, Oseberg Vikingship: Hail Vikings, Today 14/10/2017 I went to the symposium I talked about in the blog from 07-10-2017 https://tamarabakx.blogspot.nl/2016...

Vikings: Bataviawerf, Oseberg Vikingship

Hail Vikings,

Today 14/10/2017 I went to the symposium I talked about in the blog from 07-10-2017
https://tamarabakx.blogspot.nl/2016/10/vikings-month-of-history.html Before I start I had some problems with my phone so my notebook didn't save my notes. Unfortunately, I can't recall everything from the day. So sorry if I forgot something or that my photos are bad.

I had to come early and see the preparations from Thomas Finderup for the afternoon chop/splitting and carving reading so there were only a few persons on the Bataviawerf. After his preparations, I went to see the different aspects that you have on a ship like the sails and the woodwork maker. That was before I started a guided tour. A guided tour is the opportunity to ask your questions and can take up to two and a half hours and you could choose to leave when you like.

As the tour started I had one and a half hour before the symposium started so I didn´t do the guided tour maybe next time. I got distracted a lot during that tour although I choose to go on an English tour instead of the Dutch tour, not because of the guide. When we visit the `Batavia`I lost my concentration completely. The ´Batavia` a 17th-century ship with amazing woodwork and was able to see how detailed everything was. I listened to the guide but actually I wanted to explore and find out myself. Although I was able to do that I  was thinking about the boatbuilding of the Vikings when the guide told some part of the ship is a construction invented by the Vikings. My distraction was gone immediately I heard the word Vikings and the concentration follow the guide was completely there again.

After my lunch, the symposium started I got seated next to the team of the 'Kamper Kogge' and they are also responsible for lifting the wrecked ship the 'IJssel Kogge' at first when they had lifted the wrecked ship I thought it was a Viking ship. It has the same plank structure on the outside as a Viking ship. But unfortunately, it isn't. They haven't found a Viking shipwreck in The Netherlands just yet.

The readings are very interesting and learned a lot about preserving methods and reconstructions. How they do it but also if you can imagine what the difference is in 2016 they only build a ship in a couple of months until 2 years depends on what kind of ship they construct from history in The Netherlands. In the Viking time, it would take years to build such a fleet to go to Paris, even if they had enough people it would take about 2 till 5 years to build only one ship. So when they concur other ships they could use that to get a greater fleet.

Left picture: Presentation Thomas Finderup Vikings iron or wooden front
Right picture: Tamara Bakx Dutch  wooden front 17th century

They always have used mythology on the ships. That is how they recognized from which country you came from. That is how they recognize the Vikings because they used the same front and back on the boat with different mythology themes. In front always an animal like a dragon, it depends on the country mythology, under the dragon, there was some mythology. 

He also talked about the 'Oseberg' they found it almost completely on a burial site. On that burial site, they found the tools to make a ship it could be a warrior as well because of the axes they found. They found multiple on multiple sides. He also talked about the ritual that comes with a Vikings dead and how amazed they really where to find a lot of boats intact while they knew that a Viking boat were burned with the dead in it. They also find two warrior women on one of the sides. They had a lot of axes and tools to make weapons.

After the talk, we went outside to split and chop a tree and get different demos with different axes. He also told how they made planks for the boat. When finding oak wood they use frames on the tree to find fitting wood for a boat. Those frames used to cut the tree as economic as possible. They burn or steam the wood in the right positions. Did you know they only need to get rid of the bark to see if the tree was good enough for preserving, without disease, and if the wood was hard enough to build a boat? 

The different tools used after the split of the tree. Photo: Tamara Bakx
Chopping with a special axe Photo: Tamara Bakx

Photo Presentation Thomas Finderup

Photo Presentation Thomas Finderup Frames on the tree

Photo Presentation Thomas Finderup Mythology on a board

Photo Presentation Thomas Finderup

I needed to think about Ragnar when he introduced Bjorn to Floki where we see exactly the same thing happen. The presentation I needed to think about Floki and how we see him as boat builder and warrior. If the burial was from Floki it would look like the same as Thomas Finderup told us.The part of the mythology I liked as well. There are a few stories about boats in Norse mythology Naglfar is also used in the presentation a ship that exists only of toe and fingernails. The other ones are Hringhorni, Skíðblaðnir and Sessrúmnir.


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VIKINGS: Vikings: My journey to the Vikings in The Netherla...

VIKINGS: Vikings: My journey to the Vikings in The Netherla...: Hail Vikings, I learned a lot today about history. I went to Utrecht (Trajectum in the time of the Vikings). I went to an archeologic...

Vikings: My journey to the Vikings in The Netherlands

Hail Vikings,

I learned a lot today about history. I went to Utrecht (Trajectum in the time of the Vikings). I went to an archeological find under the Dom Tower and church. Everything I write about is from the tourguide point of view. The first thing we found out that there where archeological finds earlier but it wasn't relevant at that time so they destroyed it or threw it away. That is why there is not so much to be found about Vikings. It answered my question from last week. Archeologists did find a lot about the period before the Vikings. That is why the Dutch learn about the Roman period and then go on to the 17th century.

In The Netherlands, there was a difference between the Frisia culture and the ones that lived below Trajectum. Frisia wasn't that important according to the people who lived below Trajectum. Why because Frisia was poor and where farmers. Trajectum was rich. Trajectum had his first Heathen church build around 300 they assume. When Christianity came they placed a Christian church above a heathen church. Like we see in most countries what happened when Christianity took over. Now that church has the style gothic. But it all started with a roman fortress. We know that Ubbe was called Duke of Frisia. (From blog 17-05-2016)


But back to the Vikings we know from different books about that period that Vikings have been coming from the side of Frisia until they went to Paris they came from the North side of The Netherlands before Paris. After Paris, they came through Germany and Belgium. When they came from the north they are described as Barbarians or Pirates. When they came out Germany and Belgium they assumed it where traders.

They found two skeletons in their burial and they are eager to find out who they are because they aren't allowed just yet. Permission to go on with the digging and to find out more isn't there yet, this is because they are experimenting with how to preserve the digging in a way that everyone is able to visit it. Unfortunately, they don't know yet how. They actually hope to dig the whole Roman period but if they are allowed to dig further maybe they will find a little more about the attack from the Vikings in and around the church. They have layers of ground they dig for the first time and those layers of ground could prove something totally different and could show us what truly happened. They dig from donations.


Dutch sources:

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Vikings: Month of History

http://www.osebergvikingskip.no/documents/bildedagbok.php?title=thomas-finderup-tar-over-etter-egil-mikkelsen&entry_id=1280322991 Photo source: © Jørgen Kirsebom 

Hail Vikings,

In The Netherlands, October is the month of History. When I received the newsletter about this I went to see how much events about the Vikings I could find or I would see in this month. I came back very disappointed by the first things I saw. In total three events, I came across that had to do with Vikings. Things I already had done and all in one weekend. But the last event tricked me on the 14th of October.

I already knew that this year theme is about borders between lands, sea and everything to do with those borders. About that last event, I found. It is a symposium about Historical reconstructions of ships. The theme of this symposium is Authentic and Sustainability. At first, it has nothing to do with Vikings for one exception. Later I will tell you about the exception.

I will tell you why in our History the Vikings are not that important because it is not the Dutch history our history starts in the Dutch Golden Age the United East Indian Company time 17th century (V.O.C.) . For me also an interesting subject. But enough about that.

When I saw the leaflet surprised as I was to see that there are two presentations by Thomas Finderup. One about the reconstruction the Viking ship 'Oseberg' and one how to chop/split and carving the wood. I wouldn't want to miss this for a second. I will try to make a blog about this next week or in a fortnight.  

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Who wants to be King?


source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKfwUr6gna-/?taken-by=travisfimmelpictures

Hail Vikings,

The title says it all we are going to talk about the possibilities of Who could be King and who wants to be king.

The difference between the two is not very simple. We have a group that could be king and we have a few who desire power and want to be king, but what if the burden isn´t taken by anyone or everyone it becomes chaos.Chaos the seer foretold or chaos by the meaning of Ragnarök.What will be the most important thing of ruling something like Kattegat? 
Because Ragnar disappeared, Aslaug has ruled Kattegat that is for sure especially when we see how she talks to Bjorn. Bjorn is her messenger to the other brothers in the cabin nothing more like that. We see in that same expression of Bjorn that he got irritated by her. Why didn't he attack Aslaug while Ragnar was away is he afraid that one of his brothers would avenge her by killing him?

So who could be king? 
  • Aslaug who is already ruling Kattegat while Ragnar was away 
  • Bjorn the oldest son of Ragnar (The first heir because he is the oldest)
  • Lagertha who is already ruling another country and lived in Kattegat and knows how to rule or Astrid her new lover.
  • Rollo who wants the same power as Ragnar?
  • Floki has failed once in his operation in France but could rule in his insanity?
  • Ubbe or Hitsverk 
  • Sigurd who wanted to kill his father when he would return and don't do it.
  • Ivar perhaps.
Who wants to be king?

I think it is the wrong question because everyone get's an opportunity to become king of Kattegat. The problem is that it comes with power and power is a burden you need to bear, or willing to take.  Why want Ragnar to give up his burden?

For that, we need to go way back in time to season 1. He wanted to be Earl because he needed to sail west. He didn't ask to become Earl. In season 2 we see the first difference in the power that Ragnar has and what Ragnar decide. After the betrayal of Rollo, he as earl couldn't kill his brother there was a trail but he decided that a judge needed to decide not Earl like in the first place.
In the second season, he becomes famous of his raiding's to the west and when he plots to talk to King Eckbert without having a meeting with then Earl Ingstad and King Horik, King Horik start to plot against Ragnar. When Siggy decide she wants back her power by sleeping with King Horik, Rollo tries to become more powerful than Ragnar by betrayal him to get together with Jarl Borg, Floki hates some of the decisions Ragnar made and decided it is time to switches over to Horik his team. Ragnar has only one decision to make to stay alive to kill King Horik whether it is a plot together with Floki or from Ragnar himself. He becomes King by decisions of others.  
If he then goes to Paris and gets defeated multiple times it is a kings burden to keep the riches coming at that time and to succeed in raiding parties he has a burden to bear by keeping a lot from his own people. He knew that Floki killed Athelstan. He knew about the settlement in Wessex.
He has brought Kattegat to a big city that couldn´t be ruled and by misjudgment of Ragnar 
consider him he is done with his kingship.



She rules Kattegat already multiple times when Ragnar was away. She rules with her own rules and won't want to change anything religion wise she loves it the old way. She is one of the main characters who is seeking for power. She even rules with Bjorn but not the way Bjorn likes.


Bjorn could rule Kattegat but with his choice to arrest Floki and not the favorite ruler by Ragnar because he misjudges after a few situations the one with Floki was one too many according to Ragnar. Bjorn won't kill Ragnar for Kingship because in his eyes he still is his hero. At that time it was normal that the kingship went from father to son. So Bjorn is the truth heir.


After she left Kattegat to divorce Ragnar she became Earl by the time she came home she had made a good fortune for her people when she killed Kalf she is the one and only ruler of Hedeby. She would love to seek revenge for what Aslaug took off her not only Ragnar but also Kattegat and Bjorn. Bjorn´s life lies in Kattegat. She would do anything to see Bjorn or herself rule in Kattegat. In my opinion, she doesn't like the idea to attack Kattegat but if that is what it takes she will attack Kattegat because of Aslaug.



New lover of Lagertha what is her power to get Lagertha  attack Kattegat for her own reason to be queen or is there something else behind Astrid's motif. Because she is a new character so we don't know what she would do.


Could Floki be king? It depends if we take back the scene that he and Aslaug had together with Harbard he could but I don't think so. Floki could be seeking that power but it will drive him to madness or into Ragnarök. When Floki is the mythic god Loki he is always seeking for power. He could be a good king if he is Loki but also a trickster. He is a natural leader in Loki but he had a say in concurring Paris and failed dramatically that turned him into madness. I don't see Floki as King but everything is possible.


Rollo is in Paris but will he stay there and what will happen when he knows that Ragnar is trading his kingship? Is Rollo still seeking power in Kattegat? We do know he will be back together with the sons of Ragnar or if he is able to give it through will he give the favour to Bjorn. I think he will favour Bjorn. I don't know how he will react on Ivar.


Ivar and the other sons of Ragnar/Aslaug 

Ivar could be the next King of Kattegat but will he kill Ragnar for it at this point I don't think so, because he wants to raid Paris with Ragnar. Will he be king in the future? That is almost certain at least he will be better known as Ragnar. Together with his brother's he will be known all over the world.  

Sigurd wanted Ragnar dead but doesn't have the guts to kill his dad just yet.
Ivar told Ubbe that he is soft so he definitely won't kill Ragnar.